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Resident Notes

Valentine’s King and Queen Crowned

valentines 2015

On Valentine’s Day 2015, Alvin Owen and Rosa Tinsley were crowned King and Queen. Residents and staff of Kerr Lake vote each year for a King and Queen to be crowned during our Valentine Party.

King and Queen








Our current ruling couple are Larry and Dorothy Jones, crowned during our 2016 Valentine’s Day Party.

A Sister’s Reunion

sister visiting

Susie Moss is one of our longest term residents here in the facility, having resided here for more than 24 years. Previously her sister, Emma, had volunteered with our activity department and the two saw each other frequently. Unfortunately Emma has been unable to visit for several years.

Recently the situation changed and Emma was again able to visit with her sister. The two were excited to see each other. Emma reminisced with Susie about crafts, family and holidays. It was a joy filled occasion.