Kerr Lake Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

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Enhancing Quality of Life

helping_01Kerr Lake Nursing and Rehabilitation Center uses an interdisciplinary team to share our mission of enhancing the quality of life. A key requirement determining our success is our longstanding reputation of providing quality care.  Our staff consistently delivers excellent care and is highly responsive to resident and family needs.

Two of our three physicians make rounds in the facility at least three days a week to provide intensive medical care, to follow the progress of each resident and to help prevent further hospitalization.

Residents have an advocate for their rights in our Social Worker who encourages them to take the highest level of participation in their care.  Our Activity Staff and volunteers provide an varied activity program through the use of group, individual and independent activities.

Kerr Lake Nursing and Rehabilitation Center’s Dietary staff provides a variety of therapeutic and consistency altered diets to meet the needs of the residents and to provide meals to staff and visitors.

Ongoing education and training enables our staff to provide the highest standard of rehabilitative and skilled nursing care and to help residents achieve their highest level of functioning. Our teleconference system with video conferencing capabilities facilitates staff training from corporate consulting staff or through external webinars.  This system is also used during new employee orientation, providing a consistent level of training.

Our professional nursing staff is trained to handle residents with new tracheostomies, to treat residents with wounds, IV and PICC lines or those in need of medication management, as well as those with impaired cognition. The staff uses Viking and Sabina lifts for patient transfers providing safe transfers for both the resident and the employee.

Our facility uses a monitoring system to assist with wandering residents.

To promote wound care, Kerr Lake Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has a number of pressure relieving mattresses for residents who are wounded or at high risk for wounds and wound vac’s.  The Therapy Department’s gym includes equipment to provide diathermy, ultrasound, E-Stim, pulse lavage. The department’s focus is on recovery and to facilitate the return to the highest level of functioning for all residents.

An indicator of the trust our residents and their families have in us, families have placed multiple residents in this facility. Our short term residents return as their health requires and we have residents whose stay has exceeded 20 years.